17 Oct

5 Reasons to Punch a Dolphin

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Social etiquette, animals, rules of grammar, and more are critiqued in ways ranging from the educational to the bizarre in this collection of comic strips from TheOatmeal.com. While proceeding directly from the newspaper strip tradition, these Web comics present observational humor that’s a little more vulgar, a little more clever, and a little more likely to end up with the reader actually learning something than would have been printed in a nationally syndicated comic strip. The humor, like many classic comics, is based on Andy Rooneyesque shared experiences, such as “10 Reasons to Avoid Talking on the Phone,” “How to Use a Semicolon (The Most Feared Punctuation on Earth),” and “How to Track, Hunt, and Kill a Unicorn.” These are presented in a text-heavy style supplemented with basic, XKCD-like drawings. While the collection is erratic, some of the best strips—many dealing with cats—hit the universal funny bone. (Mar.)
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