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Canned Dragon Meat

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Fans of Radiant Farms’ Unicorn Meat are probably looking at this product and thinking, “Wait a minute, ThinkGeek! Isn’t Radiant Farms in Ireland and don’t the nuns believe in nonviolence and wait until the unicorns die of natural causes before processing them?” To that, we say two things: 1) You are a little obsessed with us. and 2) You are right.. But you’re also wrong. You see, Unicorns and Dragons require vastly different resources for their care. Also, if they lived next to each other, the Dragons would just eat the unicorns anyways, and there’d be none left for people to eat. FURTHERMORE, the nuns at Radiant Farms lead a tortured life. Think about it: they start out all-loving and kind and raising Unicorns and letting them die of old age. But year after year of watching such beauty die weighs on their souls. They become evil and cruel and despondent and angry and bitter. It’s then that they’re relocated to the Dragon Rendering plants of Scotland and . . . well, you know the rest.

Comments from Amazon.com:

After watching the Game of Thrones, I really wanted to know what Dragons taste like. Knowing that they breath fire, I assumed the meat would taste smokey. But to my surprise, it tastes quite tender and bland, almost fish like. For the money, I would recommend the Unicorn meat or if money is no object, try to hunt down one of the Na’vis on Pandora.

As to how to prepare for this dish, I lightly sprinkled some salt and pepper and pan fried it until it changes from red color into brown. To really enhance the dinning experience, a dash of Sriracha sauce does the trick.

Canned Dragon Meat

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